Retrofitting hydraulic controls to increase output
Many hydraulic systems no longer measure up to current technical standards and require thorough refurbishment.
ESCON mechatronic analyses and documents the current status which then serves as the basis for all further steps.

Exchange/restoration of existing components:
Here, components such as valves, pumps and cylinder seals etc. are exchanged and then put into operation.

Complete refit coupled with an increase in output:
We do the works – we renew components and fit additional parts such as storage cylinders and pumps in order to achieve the required increase in output. Thanks to the installation of the most modern control technology, precise, reproducible results in processes are possible.

  • Planning/construction for your hydraulic and mechanical requirements
  • Modernisation of hydraulic controls
  • Construction of hydraulic power units for customer-specific applications
  • Application constructions in the field of modernisation and new machines

You are the customer and you decide which solution will be employed.
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